Keith Hingley

I started taking photography seriously around fifteen years ago and about that time attended what is now The Arts University in Bournemouth, Dorset, gaining an NCFE certificate in Practical Photography ( Stage 1 ).

It was in my travels around the south of England, as well as numerous visits to the local city of Bath that I received much of my inspiration and the flood of visual stimulation that has lead to the compilation of work that I have been able to produce, mainly over the last four years or so.

Rather than compiling a selection of unrelated shots, albeit with the same theme, my photography albums are a collection of subject matters on a particular day, as viewed by me. It’s entirely possible to stay more or less in the same position and shoot many subjects, just as a person would continually turn around, look up and down, sideways, forwards and backwards in either a known or unknown environment.

I make no money from the Art that I love, but have gradually upgraded my equipment and now shoot with the incredibly powerful Nikon D610, an amazingly versatile full frame camera.The examples of my work here were taken with my previous camera, a Nikon D300.

Trying to be as original as possible, I sincerely hope that my work appeals. I am aware that I have no portrait experience, but would love to gain some and perhaps also be offered the opportunity to be a second shooter at a wedding.