Carlos Ordonez

Carlos moved to Bath from Stroud, Gloucestershire, in March 2014. Back there he was a founder member of PhotoStroud, and organised the first Photography Festival in the region with Fred Chance, in 2007. Since then, he has worked on many festivals and exhibitions in Stroud and Havana.

He began taking photographs as a child, living in Portobello, London, and has been as influenced by the aftermath of conflict, as the work of Bill Brandt,  Walker Evans, Francesca Woodman and Sabastiao Salgado. He works primarily in black and white, with both film and digital media. He is especially interested in collaborations with performers, artists, writers and activists, on photographic publications and projects. He is currently working with Bath poet, Caroline Heaton and – as part of PHOTO|BATH – with Bath Film Festival and 31 Studio.