Membership benefits

If you’d like to be considered joining PHOTO|BATH, contact us using the website form.

Benefits to membership:

  • being part of a creative, proactive and strong voice for the promotion and development of fine art/documentary photography in the area
  • having a well-connected/promoted website presence – including online gallery space, blogs, news streams, links, etc.
  • opportunities to participate in exhibitions, projects, skills-sharing, special events and other collaborative activities
  • promotion through exclusive mailing list
  • inclusion in spin-off print publications, catalogues and cards (within budget limits)
  • priority access to guest speaker and film/presentation events
  • receive recommendations and negotiated favourable rates/’trade discount’ with print bureaueax/framers/suppliers/repair and support specialists*

*subject to discussion

What we ask of members

  • to participate as actively as possible in PHOTO|BATH‘s development and activities
  • to actively contribute to PHOTO|BATH’s work – from admin/organisation, to exhibition planning, publicity/marketing, etc.
  • to share information and contribute to PHOTO|BATH’s collaborative culture
  • to be ambassadors for PHOTO|BATH and the photography sector
  • to pay a percentage commission to PHOTO/BATH for any artwork sold during, or as a result of,
  • a PHOTO/BATH exhibition or event