PhotoBath is a collective and non profit. To survive and to be able to organised reduced rates on meeting premises and to start to create a small fund to help us run Photobath as a non profit the community decided that an annual membership fee of £30 would be asked to help keep PhotoBath afloat and allow us to organise and grow. This will run from September to the following September.

£30 Annual Photobath membership

PhotoBath annual membership fee
PhotoBath annual membership fee
Annual fee for membership to PhotoBath to allow us to plan and buy meeting room rates at discount and all the other needs that we encounter.
Price: £30.00




Please note: It was also decided that if a member decided that they would not be able to attend enough monthly meetings to make this viable for them that they would have the option of paying £4.00 on the door for any meetings they attend without paying the annual membership.

If anyone has concerns with paying online a cheque can be made out and sent to:

41 Longfellow Avenue, Bath BA2 4 SJ, UK