My photography conveys otherness, estrangement and darkness; an outsider’s view of the world. I do not take flowery or colorful photos that show compassion or positivity. I want to forge moments that reflect my own world view, and show the darkness and fatalism that runs through me and others. I originally rejected taking photos of people altogether, considering them irrelevant; I am anti-street and anti-portrait. However, people, some who I know very well, have contributed to the creation of my strongest work. It never meant to happen this way. It was just an accident.

I also like to make a project out of photography through curating exhibitions, bringing photographers together and attending photography talks. I don’t just want to take photos, I want it to be out there.

I consider my photos creations. I do not take a photo, I make a photo.

You can view more of my photography here: rabban12.wix.com/darkandromantic

I also sell some of my work here: etsy.com