The Boater Pub, 9 Argyle Street, Bath

The function room,
Monday 23rd September, 2019,
6 – 8.00pm 

We wish to invite contributors, members and guests to come along to mix and chat, maybe have a drink too. Contributors will receive their copies and there will be some copies for sale to those who are interested. New potential members will be very welcome.

This edition of Showcase represents a more ambitious demonstration of the work by the PhotoBath collective. The group are showing more images by each photographer to allow them to explore a consistent and coherent narrative either in terms of story or stylistic interpretation. A wide range of approaches are used, as is expected and desired, including the exploration of light, colour, subject, composition, movement, place, social comment, emotion and ideas. Everyone is welcome to join the Showcase launch event where you can see the book, prints and a slide show and meet the photographers of the PhotoBath collective. The book, which is a limited edition, will also be available in local bookshops and online where prints can also be obtained. The book showcases the images that the members consider significant for a variety of aesthetic, intellectual and/or emotional reasons.
As a documentary and fine arts photography collective, the group is primarily interested in the final image. For Showcase, the route that is taken to creating the image may result from post-production activities or in-camera decisions. PhotoBath has an image-first principle that means that no boundaries are placed on the creative pathways taken to achieving the final image, only the image in itself or the series matters. The intentions, skills and inner eye of the photographer count above all, even if they are sometimes challenging to the viewer.