Street Seen – Exhibition

This exhibition is now over. We’d like to thank everyone who were able to attend either the preview or the exhibition open days. Comments were very favourable and we received a lot of interest from visitors who were interested in joining the group as well as other interested supporters. Total visitor numbers including the preview were well over 500.

“Fabulous collection – really enjoyed it.”
Sajid Shafiq, Manchester

“Fascinating. This exhibition adds to the complex of feelings about photography…”
Geoff Dunlop

“Excellent photos. Thank you for exhibiting.”
Rob Waterson

“Stunning images – glad I made it.”
Usha Pearce

“Excellent work – all of it. Thanks.”
Doug Crooks

“Really lovely inspirational images. Good luck with the group. Thanks.”
Ann Hines

“Fabulous images – glad I saw the flyer and came along.”

“Fantastic to have the opportunity to see a great exhibition in Bath.”
Julie Heighway

We have a provisional meeting date of Monday 28th September for all potential new members. With the possible attendance of around 40 people, we may need to abandon our first choice meeting venue (downstairs at 44AD itself) due to lack of space and seating.

But everyone who has given in an email address will be informed in due course,  to confirm the date time and venue details. If you missed the show or for whatever reason didn’t give your email address during your visit, but would still like to come along, please contact us through our contact page.

Thanks again for the support of everyone who were able to attend.

Look forward to meeting new potential members in a few weeks time.