To help Members with ideas for images and topics for the upcoming Witness Exhibition We enclose some here from the PhotoBath team.


The WITNESS project aims to document and comment on the social changes as they take place over the coming months and years – to create a powerful, living record of everyday life in extraordinary times. It presents an opportunity to develop a photo documentary archive that other photographers, and photography networks and projects can contribute to, and can form the basis for collaborations with journalists, writers, artists and others through a number of projects…

PhotoBath invites photographers to submit 3 contemporary images on the theme of Witness to contribute towards an exhibition of the same name commencing in October 2019. For the purposes of this exhibition contemporary means 2016 onwards.

Images submitted will be externally curated and 10 will be selected, representing a variety of responses to what is a rapidly changing world.

The exhibition will not necessarily be UK focused and have a contemporary focus.