Over the past couple of years, Mark has been an occasional contributor to PhotoBath projects. He also contributes to Amateur Photographer magazine.

After a successful career in graphic design and art direction, he is now embarked on a new career as a professional photographer at a time when it is increasingly difficult to get regular work and become noticed in this crowded field.

In this presentation, Mark discusses how he began to take photography seriously, his travels through Portugal as a strategy which has culminated in the recent publishing of his book ‘Two Hundred Days‘.

“Looking back the book turned out to be a stepping stone to a full time career/vocation in photography and it helped to establish the type of photographer I am.”

Personal projects arising from travel and his natural inquisitiveness have developed into a body of photojournalistic projects which is getting noticed.

“Travelling is something I like to do because I can delve into new experiences and document different cultures.”

Winning the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year award in 2016 has led to further exposure and some commissions.

This promises to be a fascinating evening for any amateur photographer looking to learn strategies to build up a portfolio that may attract commissioning editors and media agencies.



Main Photo - The Blacksmith ©: Mark Benham