‘Costs of Living' Exhibition

Our 30th April – 5th May 2024 exhibition features the work of 15 photographers, including associates from the UK, Poland and Zimbabwe. They have employed their local and historical knowledge, and their instinctive ‘eye’ to explore the many facets of the costs of living. Via the lens of race, gender, disability and age, they examine the consequences through class, wealth, housing, and physical and mental health outcomes. We’ve attempted to make vital connections across time and place by including images that reach back decades, focusing on diverse communities across the world, taking us on a journey that’s brought together surprising and poignant stories.


Dates: Tuesday 30th April – Sunday 5th May 2024
Opening Times: 10.00am 17.00pm
Venue: 44AD Artspace, 4 Abbey St. Bath. BA1 1NN


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PhotoBath was established in 2014 to celebrate, promote and support documentary and fine art photography in Bath and other UK areas. We have since widened our reach and become more international in outlook.

We currently have active members from Poland, South Africa as well contributors from all areas of the UK and Europe. Exhibitions by Sebastiao Salgado, Carlo Chinca along with regular creative documentary exhibitions have helped us establish a wider reputation and audience.

We are a non-commercial organisation with a collective ethos, and our priorities are to support local and national photographers, and stimulate new photographic practices through challenging and experimental projects. We have organised exhibitions, workshops and publications, including collaborations with respected local and national partners, and have earned a reputation for delivering on ambitious programmes in the City of Bath..

PhotoBath has relaunched after the Covid 19 lockdown, with a renewed commitment to promote the best documentary and fine art practise. Formal membership has been discontinued and participation in ongoing projects will be by invitation, involving photographers producing interesting and stimulating work, who are committed to contributing to our aims, objectives and ethos.

Between 2014 – 2020 PhotoBath produced two main exhibitions, four member exhibitions, one virtual exhibition and we have published four books of photography. In 2022 we introduced new associates by staging our ‘Documentary’ exhibition at 44AD Artspace to much acclaim and high attendance levels.


At PhotoBath we are constantly on the look-out for new photographers to feature on the site. However we are also keen to maintain a very specific style of creative documentary imagery. We are looking for photographers with a confident and consistent vision who make images that can be described as documentary. Photographers who are pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally considered Documentary whilst maintaining creative integrity go to the front of the queue.

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Latest News

The Right to this City - Tim Beale

1930’s Social Housing

The Right to this City

The Right to This City is a body of work documenting my photographic research into housing inequality in Bath, one of the UK’s most expensive places to live.

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‘Costs of Living' exhibition

April 30 – May 5, 2024 (re-scheduled from November 2023)

Information for participants

What does ‘cost of living’ mean? It is, of course, different for each of us, and Wikipedia defines ‘cost of living’ as “the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living”. But we intuitively have an idea of what lies behind and beneath the headline…
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PhotoBath - Get involved

Cost of Living Demo - Bath 2022

PhotoBath currently has a core of 4 photographers plus 4 associates. We are always keen to reach out and encourage new participants who share similar photographic interests. All of our members take photographs on a regular basis and are encouraged to submit project work in progress for publication on the website.

We encourage new participants to submit images of documentary work/projects for inclusion on the website. You are also welcome to post on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. For more information on submissions see


Exhibition 2023 – Costs of Living

In the Autumn, 2023 we plan to follow up our successful ‘Documentary’ exhibition with an exhibition around the theme of ‘The Cost of Living’. We are currently looking for submissions from photographers outside the core group and should be able to accept a minimum of 8 images from different photographers.

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Photo Bath exhibition of Documentary Photography: 31 Oct – 06 Nov 2022

PhotoBath will be exhibiting a curated exhibition of ten large photographic prints from its current members and photographers at the 44AD Artspace, 4 Abbey St. Bath. BA1 1NN. We have a provision for potentially three photographers to also present a Documentary image from their portfolio as part of this curated exhibition

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Associate Photographers

Christopher Roche was born in Quebec, Canada to Irish parents. He has since lived in Africa and several cities around Europe. Dividing his time between working as a filmmaker and a photographer he is now based near Bath. He has won many awards internationally and his photographs have been published in the national press and many magazines including the Royal Photographic Society Journal and Stern Magazine. He has exhibited at Royal Geographical Society in London and at United Nations Office at Geneva.


Carlo Chinca – It all started when I was about 10yrs old. With a schoolfriend and the aid of a Kodak Brownie we bought from Woolworths we took some photographs then developed and contact printed the film in my friend’s coal cellar! In the years that followed I studied part-time at an art school where finally I took up photography and, being self-taught, launched myself into the streets with my Nikon F while working in the hospital mortuary and pathology lab.

Chris NiedenthalBorn in London (1950) of Polish parents. Educated at Cardinal Vaughan Grammar school in London and Belmont Abbey, Hereford. Studied photography at the London College of Printing (now the London College of Communications) 1969-1972.

At the end of his studies he worked as a general dogsbody and photographer at Features International (later called Syndicated Features) for 6 months after which he travelled to Poland in 1973, ostensibly for just a few months and never really returned to his country of birth. Meaning he has lived in Warsaw for nearly 50 years now.