Tuesday 25th– 30th September        

44AD Artspace, Bath 



‘Photography alludes to the stopping of time, the preservation of a moment – yet time is fluid. Therefore, the photograph must remain unfinished. ‘

PhotoBath’s third group exhibition examined the links between photography and time and was one of the most challenging and thought provoking events to date.

The exhibition explored each photographer’s visual and storytelling interpretation of a given scene, rather than a politically motivated commentary.

Contributors submitted a diverse range of remarkable interpretations to a theme that is present but sometimes difficult to determine and articulate. How do you photograph something Unfinished? Where do you begin to look and can you recognise it? Sometimes it may be obvious but on other occasions you don’t know what you’re aware of it until you see it.
This richly endowed exhibition presented of 25 remarkable, thought- provoking images; sometimes illustrating humorous juxtapositions or containing intriguing background narratives, reflections and meanings that challenged attitudes and responses to the theme.

To challenge what we might think we know; or illustrate a collision of contexts that we might decipher in everyday life; or even highlight the banality of our assumptions and the cheapness of casual conclusions.