Christopher Roche was born in Quebec, Canada to Irish parents. He has since lived in Africa and several cities around Europe. Dividing his time between working as a filmmaker and a photographer he is now based near Bath. He has won many awards internationally and his photographs have been published in the national press and many magazines including the Royal Photographic Society Journal and Stern Magazine.  He has exhibited at Royal Geographical Society in London and at United Nations Office at Geneva.

Roche spent five years working on a long-term project – Devotion – that explores ancient faith traditions around the world, many of them now disappearing.  His photographic journey took him to the remote Mount Kailash in Tibet; the cremation grounds of Varanasi; the Sufi Zikrs of Chechnya and Kurdistan; the remote mountain top and underground churches of Ethiopia; and a festival high in the Peruvian Andes where Catholic influences collide with Inca rituals.

Christopher Roche has published two photographic books on this theme, ‘The Priests and Pilgrims of Ethiopia‘ and ‘Banaras, Holy City‘.