In 2016 Photobath launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to exhibit a range of Sebastiao Salgado Platinum prints from his Genesis project. The exhibition took place 11-19th November 2016 at Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution.

PhotoBath is delighted to report the unanimously positive feedback from the exhibition of 8 platinum prints of the work by Sebastiao Salgado created by Max Caffell at 31 Studio.


Here are the the standout achievements

  • £2,500 raised in crowd-funding
  • 1,500+ visitors
  • Sell-out Bath Film Festival showing of  “Salt of the Earth”
  • £500 voluntary donations
  •  60+ attendees to Max Caffell’s presentation on the platinum process
  • Developed strong partnerships for future collaborations


“The best attended exhibition we ever had at BRLSI”  – Bath Royal Literary  & Scientific Institution

“Wonderful to see Salgado’s work beautifully presented in Bath”  – Dave Saunders, Bath

“A professional show – terrific!”  – Richard Cook

“Congratulations PhotoBath on putting this show on. Moving & timely”  – Anna Gillespie

“Humbling. Wonderful. Thank You”  – Duncan Share, Frome

Just a few of the 100s of positive comments from the guest book.



31 Studio

In a well-attended upstairs conference room during the private view, Max Caffell spoke for over an hour about the history, process and application of the platinum process as well as his working relationship with some of the foremost photographers working today.



In November 2016 and as part of the highly successful PhotoBath exhibition featuring examples of work by Sebastiao Salgado, Max Caffell gave a fascinating talk about his own career as a fine platinum print maker working with Salgado and the other top photographers he’s worked with.

In this presentation he describes the platinum process in depth, it’s history and why top photographers are still drawn to it as the ultimate expression of their black and white work.

He goes on to discuss renowned photographer’s work and his professional creative collaborations with them and what their work means to him.

This was a fully attended event that included a Q&A session and Max kindly brought some physical examples of his work that were free for audience members to view at the end.

This was a highly memorable event that helped establish PhotoBath as a serious force for promoting photography in Bath.