Eli Dijkers

My goal is to move people, like a piece of music. Within photography, I explore humanity as I experience it. My images appeal to sensory perception more than to that of the mind.

By using black and white, contrast and grain, a parallel world is being created. An abstract. A world in which light and darkness are allowed to exist side by side.

Recently, my work is described as follows:

“Beauty is not cultivated and ugliness does not seem to be a problem. On the crossroad of journalism, Dijkers exhibits poetry in the images of daily life, in a complex, undefinable way. It only requires the viewer to look. The quality of his images is that they do not want to be more powerful than the world from which they originate.”


“Eli’s portfolio is a stunning ensemble of eclectic but cohesive photographs. Technically, visually and psychologically, this series brings a lot to the viewer. The photographs are powerful enough that we do not need any subtext to read them. A brilliant catharsis for the viewers, a dark but enjoyable trip”

Pauline Vermare (International Center of Photography, New York)