Mick Yates

The best pictures tell an unfinished story, with a sense of place or personality – questions of what, where, when, how. I like to think that my photography, at its core, is always about finding this story. Or more correctly, it’s about conveying a portion of the story, a small moment in other people’s lives that makes us ask questions about who they are, what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, and how they ended up in the photo. The photographer’s craft includes both narration (the story) and curation (the moment in which the image is taken).
It is the photographer’s job to engage their audience. Yet the photographer, unlike a musician or an actor, can only offer the viewer a fragment of time (or perhaps a series of fragments), rather than an extended performance. Within that fragment, we must depict both the reality of the moment, and enough context to leave the viewer feeling that they’ve glimpsed the story within.