Meetings are now held upstairs at the Boater Pub, 9 Argyle St, Bath BA2 4BQ (unless otherwise notified) and will commence @ 7.30pm and finish around 9.30pm. (normally 2nd Monday of each month)
Each meeting will aim to have a variety of activities/topics and include a break and social time.
They will involve members at much as possible.

Meeting reminders will be sent out approx. 10ays before each meeting

Lead co-ordinators have been highlighted where possible

Please note: not all content has been confirmed and may be subject to change.


9 Dec, 2019

Christmas Social  – A quiz, discussion & chat – let us know if you want to show or present anything although its s less formal evening but we can bring  the projector if needed.

Jan 13, 2020

Is Narrative needed? A discussion & presentation form David Lewis Baker, Richard Young NA David Kernek.

10 Feb, 2020 – The Art of Seeing.

Local photographer and world-traveller, Benedict Brain, discusses images from the regular column he writes for Digital Camera magazine called The Art of Seeing. Focusing on how and why images have been made through a variety of approaches, some technical, and some philosophical.








9 March, 2020 – Rockets in the Desert.

Presented by Nick Krainc.

Monday MARCH 9th – 7.30pm onwards
– The Boater (upstairs), 9 Argyle St, Bath

The late David Royston Wotton was my Father In Law and a life long photographer. For the last 5 years a large wooden  trunk has sat  in my shed  gathering a  layer of dust . All I knew was that the trunk contained ” Roy’s Slides”. His photographic legacy.

An imposed clear out of “my junk” prompted me to open the trunk and hold a few of the slides up to the light streaming through the shed window.  It took me less than 5  minutes to realise the historical significance of what I was looking at.

Slide upon slide showing the harsh reality of family life in 1960’s Australian Desert and working at The Woomera Rocket range. Testing of Jindivik target drones at Jervis Bay, New South Wales. Blue Streak, Britain’s first Nuclear Ballistic Missile. Deep Space Station 41 at Island  Lagoon. DSS41 was the Earth Station  that tracked the first Moon Landing. Roy had little time for Project Apollo deniers ( the only time I ever saw him angry)  I take the view you could probably fool the  Russians and the  Chinese , but not Roy.

On 9th March  I would like  to share a selection  of these images  with my PHOTOBATH colleagues . Roy would have liked that.


13 April 2020

PhotoBath members disposable Camera project – show and tell of the images captured in this project.

11 May, 2020


A Presentation by Graham Harries

Monday MAY 11th – 7.30pm onwards – The Boater (upstairs), 9 Argyle St, Bath.

At 1:23 a.m on 26th April 1986 Chernobyl in Ukraine hit the world headlines when nuclear reactor no 4 at the VA Lenin power plant exploded during a safety test. The result saw 49,000 people from the city of Pripyat and the surrounding area being evacuated within 3 hours. They were told this would be a short-term measure but they never returned! 32 years later I visited the exclusion zone of Chernobyl & spent 4 full days exploring the now deserted wilderness. Homes, shops, schools & hospitals sit silent and forgotten with trees growing in the middle of once busy roads. You could walk through the city for hours yet never see another sole. I wondered around with my camera in hand constantly in awe by the beauty that is decay. My visit to the exclusion zone really left a mark on me.

15 June, 2020





2019 – 20

November 11th 2019 (Monday)

Full Circle.

Fran May started photography aged 19. Between 1974 and 1978, she travelled to over twenty destinations, shooting black and white film with one basic fixed-lens camera.

This month, Fran published a book of these same photographs. She will show her book. Accompanied by a powerpoint, Fran will talk about how she contextualised her life though photography. How Bill Brandt explained to her that time would change the perception of her images, over one life-time.

Fran will also talk about her experience of being a freelance photographer as a means to earning a living.

“No photography business ever evolved the way a bank manager expects it to. It is all synchronicity, bloodymindedness and entrepreneurialism, with a dose of art, to make it taste nice”.


October 14th 2019 (Monday)

The Art of Seeing.

Local photographer and world-traveller, Benedict Brain, discusses images from the regular column he writes for Digital Camera magazine called The Art of Seeing. Focusing on how and why images have been made through a variety of approaches, some technical, and some philosophical.







September 9th 2019 (Monday)

WITNESS – Image choices & curation

Monday September 9th – 7.30pm onwards. The Boater (upstairs), 9 Argyle St, Bath.

The evening will have an interactive image selection exercise based around the curation and choices for the coming Witness exhibition. We will anonymously display all fifty seven submissions and have the group choose their selection. Then we will compare this to the curation teams selection and we can discuss the curation process in photography and its importance. There will also be PhotoBath news, updates and please bring anything along you want to share or show.





September 10th 2018 (Monday)

Welcome back, A 10 minute new member introduction showing 3 images of their work, Preparation for  the Sept members exhibition, a Book update, Prints & printing (examples, where, prices), A Discussion on PhotoBath monthly themes and more  like long term projects, like ; The High Street.

Oct 8th 2018 (Monday)

A 10 minute new member introduction showing 3 images of their work. Review the last months theme (Pavements) & the created images, then pick a theme for the following month

We will then have a discussion and review of the PhotoBath 2018 exhibition/PhotoBath 2018 Showcase Book. Any other Business.

David Beckham by Joby SessionsNov 14th 2018 (Wed – day change this month)

Joby sessions Talk on Photography – Joby has an amazing portfolio of work from Portraits of celebrities to editorial work – .

Joby started at a newspaper when he was 18. Shooting film on F90’s. He went freelance at 21, shooting interiors on medium format. At 24 I started at Future publishing, became senior location photographer, shooting editorial and commercial portraits, until I left in December last year. He is now a freelance commercial photographer and DOP for video and film.

Geoff Wood - Abstract PhotographyDec 10th 2018 (Monday)

Abstract photography.  A Presentation By David Lewis Baker and Geoff Wood. A trip through Abstract photography not to be missed.

Geoff Wood
Active member of Bath Photographic Society and interested in using the camera and associated tools to abstract and explore the relationships between sight and memory within the context of two-dimensional art.


David Lewis Baker

Member of Photo Bath. My abstract photography developed out of my earlier painterly and digital abstract artworks. I believe that abstraction has much to teach us about representational subjects and that abstraction can be far less obscure and ‘difficult’ than is often claimed.

What matters most to me is that my abstract works reflect the concepts that inspired  them, because as Ansel Adams said: “There is nothing worse than a brilliant image of a fuzzy concept.”

Jan 14th 2019 (Monday).

A 10 minute new member introduction showing 3 images of their work, Street photography – a few PhotoBath members: Daz Smith, Jon Leahy, Phil Hendy (others?) discuss their work in this genre, street photography in general and more. (any other Photobath members want to participate and show – please let us Know).

Feb 11th 2019 (Monday)

A group discussion on documenting change through the art of photography. We will see examples of how photography has been used in this way then break-up to discuss this and maybe how we can use this in the Photo Bath projects we are working on: Avon St Car Park, Witness project (Brexit) and others.





Mar 11th 2019 (Monday)

A 10 minute new member introduction showing 3 images of their work, review swapped images. PhotoBath Image swap (discussion/review) we look at how the images were interpreted and discuss.

April 8th 2019 (Monday)

Mick Yates will talk about ‘Unfinished StoriesUnfinished Stories from Cambodia

New Meeting Location – The Boater (upstairs, 9 Argyle St, Bath.

– Mick Yates

Mick Yates will talk about ‘Unfinished Stories ’. He has lived and photographed all over the world, and now is doing a long-term visual documentary on Cambodia.

Mick and his wife Ingrid have been visiting the country since 1994, and founded a successful, sustainable primary school program in 1999. The project reflects Mick’s personal response to the Khmer Rouge Genocide (1975-1979), and its impact on the the people of Cambodia, even today.

The work forms the centrepiece of Mick’s MA in Photography at Falmouth University. This includes recording and sharing personal stories of Cambodians’ who survived the Genocide. He is also addressing ‘dark tourism’ and ‘aftermath’ imagery, in a hopefully not trite, but possibly controversial manner.


May 13th 2019 (Monday)

Documentary, Travel and Food – The photography of Mark Benham

Over the past couple of years, Mark has been an occasional contributor to PhotoBath projects. He also contributes to Amateur Photographer magazine.

After a successful career in graphic design and art direction, he is now embarked on a new career as a professional photographer at a time when it is increasingly difficult to get regular work and become noticed in this crowded field. He provides insight into his creative approach, experiences and strategies to build his project portfolio.




June 10th 2019 (Monday)


Jon Gordon – Title: The 1957 Photography Yearbook


Published by Photography magazine 63 years ago, the 1957 Photography Yearbook contains examples of the camera work of the first part of the 1950s that are of more than just historical interest.

PhotoBath member John Gordon has collated a selection of pictures from the book for display and discussion and included are pictures by Robert Doisneau, Bill Brandt, Bert Hardy plus the work of a few other less well known photographers.