The Witness project aims to respond to and document contemporary social and cultural change through the medium of photography. The brief defines ‘contemporary’ as 2016 onward (Brexit vote in UK) though is not necessarily focused on UK.

The aim is to construct a living record of ordinary, everyday life in extraordinary times. We are looking for 10 images that will work together and suit large A2 prints in A1 frames.
Photographers will be offered the chance to include introductory text as appropriate, however our main focus is to select 10  quality and powerful images that are able to stand-alone and tell diverse stories based on interpretations of the theme.

There are no rules regarding colour/black and white or landscapes, street or portraits etc.

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The witness exhibition selection of images has 57 images by 19 photographers. Some of the photographers have also enclosed a few supporting words with the images.

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Young people–through the Climate Strike movement–are taking control of the climate change agenda to move it from the margins to the mainstream and safeguard their future...